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Who We Are

Zelexa Therapy

Zelexa provides a wide array of ABA Therapy services to children with autism and their families. We offer both center and in-home based services in the Detroit, Michigan area. Our experienced and professional staff have the knowledge and proven philosophies to target your kiddo’s unique challenges.

Through ABA techniques our goal is to help children learn the skills necessary for a meaningful and independent life. Your kiddo deserves to thrive.

What Is ABA Therapy?

Involved, Individual ABA Therapy For Your Kiddo

At its core, Applied Behavioral Analysis, or ABA, is a science that focuses on understanding and improving behavior. And at Zelexa, we provide a wide array of ABA Therapy services to kiddoren with autism and their families. That’s why we believe in addressing the unique needs of each kiddo, setting achievable goals. Effectively monitoring their progress along the way.

Applied Behavioral Analysis focuses on encouraging positive behaviors while correcting negative behaviors. This is done by identifying the root of a behavior, and coming up with a treatment plan to address it. Each kiddo receives a unique treatment plan based on their behavioral assessment and unique, individual needs. ABA therapy helps them adapt and grow as they acquire new skills, like behavior management, social skills, verbal behavior, and basic life skills like potty training.

Ready to learn more about ABA and how Zelexa’s 1-on-1 therapy can help your kiddo thrive?

Zelexa Therapy

Three Reasons Why We Use ABA Therapy

Individualized Plans

At Zelexa, we understand the unique needs of each and every child. No two treatment plans are the same. We come up with individualized treatment plans for your kiddo to help them grow and succeed in a fun, welcoming environment.


We take the time to pair caring behavior technicians with kiddos with unique challenges. ABA is proven effective for developing new skills in a number of areas, including behavior management, social, verbal, and practical skills such as potty training.


The ever-growing research of autism therapy has proven time and time again that ABA therapy works wonderfully. Your kiddo’s growth and success is done by relying on both our own expertise and the ever-growing body of research surrounding effective autism therapy.

At Zelexa, our ABA therapy is designed to help your kiddo adapt into mainstream society as quickly and easily as possible. We believe they deserve to live a rich, fulfilling life.

Zelexa Therapy

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