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What is ABA?

Applied Behavioral Analysis revolves around encouraging positive behaviors while correcting negative behaviors. Each child receives a unique treatment plan based on the their behavioral assessment and adapts and grows as the child grows and acquire new skills. We work with children on behavior management, social skills, verbal behavior, and basic life skills like potty training. Therapy is facilitated by our behavior technicians and each technician is supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

Clinic Based Services

Skills Assessment/ABLLS-R/VB-MAPP/AFLS

Discrete Trial Instruction

Errorless Learning

Verbal Behavior Training

Compliance Training

Problem Behavior Reduction

Play/Social Skills Training

Parent/Guardian Training (current clients)

Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports

In-Home Services

ABA Classroom Assessment & Development

Inclusion Supports

IEP Development

Functional Analysis

Functional Behavior Assessment

Behavior Improvement Plan

Educator/Para-educator Training

Skills Assessment/ABLLS-R/VB-MAPP

Educator/Para-educator Training