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Zelexa Therapy provides a wide array of ABA Therapy services to children with autism and their families. 

We take pride in our development and implementation of effective, high-quality ABA Therapy programs. Your child's growth and success is done by relying on both our own expertise and the ever-growing body of research surrounding effective autism therapy.

Before developing a child's therapy program, we like to meet them and their families to better understand their individual needs. To learn more about our services and what we can do for you, click on the link below. 

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CentralReach is an innovative, online software solution that helps to manage all aspects of running an efficient and successful therapy practice. Our staff at Zelexa utilizes this key tool in the process of servicing your child. Individual programs can be altered and improved in real-time with the data Central Reach provides. Zelexa is able to improve data collection all while going green. 

Every technician at Zelexa has their own iPads that allow for accurate and timely data to be recorded and analyzed by our BCBA's. Central Reach allows us to streamline managing client information, scheduling staff, maximizing and monitoring authorizations, filing claims, documenting and supervising and reporting on Clinical data.

There are three key benefits to partnering with CentralReach.

  • First, with CentralReach we spend significantly less time on administrative tasks and more time helping more children. Manually entering data, tracking information, and analyzing progress can take significant time and effort. CentralReach minimizes duplication of effort, streamlines workflows, and makes it easy to keep track of your child's data.
  • Second, CentralReach is continuously innovating and offering new capabilities so that as ABA Therapy grows Central Reach also grows to be able to support clients better than ever before. For example, adding more ways to collect and analyze your child's data ensures that we have more time to spend with them.
  • Third, CentralReach provides excellent support to you and your child at home too. With 24 hour access to your child's progress reports, their accomplishments are at your fingertips. 

    ABA Therapy Services That Focus On Skill Aquisition For Children With ASD.

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Zelexa Therapy provides comprehensive behavioral therapy using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to address the unique needs of each child. We believe in setting achievable goals and effectively monitoring your child’s progress along the way.