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New To ABA Therapy?

No Need To Worry.

ABA Explained Easy With Our Free Download

Are you new to the term “ABA Therapy?” On behalf of us at Zelexa, we invite you to enjoy our free downloadable guide, “The Easy Way To Explain ABA.”

At its core, Applied Behavioral Analysis, or ABA, is a science that focuses on understanding and improving behavior. At Zelexa, we provide a wide array of ABA Therapy services to children with autism and their families. We believe in addressing the unique needs of each child, setting achievable goals, and effectively monitoring your child’s progress along the way.

This free guide will easily explain ABA, how it works, and why we use it in our services. You’ll even learn many of the common terms associated with ABA therapy, such as “reinforcement”, “alternative behavior,” and more.

Please enjoy this free guide below. We look forward to helping your child grow and succeed!

Three Reasons Why We Use ABA Therapy


ABA Therapy is a safe and fun environment for your child to learn and grow.


By meeting the unique needs of each child, ABA Therapy is a highly effective and successful method of teaching.


The ever-growing research of autism therapy has proven time and time again that ABA therapy works wonderfully.

Your FREE Guide To ABA Therapy